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Interesting Facts About Turf Grass

Posted on January 31, 2013

Several sports facilities in Lambeth boast turf pitches suitable for a game of football or golf. With the amount of green that you can see everywhere, there is no doubt that you will enjoy spending a day on these places. But what exactly makes these spots attractive? It is the grass, of course. Aside from its aesthetic attributes, it comes with many benefits as well.

For instance, it serves as dust control and provides safety to humanity. It is also a part of the “green industry” because it is known to help improve a person's mental and physical health. If you want to know more about this agricultural wonder, then read on.

  • Origin. Turf has existed for centuries, but its uses only became apparent during the Middle Ages in Europe. Back then, it was utilised to build expansive views of the lands around the walls and the fronts of castles. Before it is laid down, trees were first cut to accommodate them.

  • Cooling effects. Eight houses that have average-sized lawns, covered in grass, can generate up to seventy tons of air conditioning. If your home happens to have a huge and empty space, then you should have it covered in turf to keep the surroundings cool.

  • Protection. “Newly laid turf needs water to survive.” - Environment Agency. This would mean a huge amount of work if grass is laid on a large area, such as a football field. But due to its ability to absorb rainfall, you may not need to exert too much effort during the wet season. What is more, it reduces run-off of up to 80 percent compared to other surfaces, like driveways and pavements.

  • Air-cleansing feature. Adding turf on your landscaped garden can help maintain cleanliness and purity of the atmosphere. That is because a lawn, measuring 2,500 square feet, can absorb carbon dioxide and then release oxygen that is enough for four people.

With all these properties, it is no wonder that turf plays an important role in the landscaping industry. So whether for commercial or residential use, you can order grass from a reliable supplier through this website.

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