Turf Guide & FAQs

Turf FAQs


What’s the size of a turf?

1m², 5ft 4inch long 2ft wide

How to measure what you need?

Square or rectangle – Length x width.

Circle – πr².

Best Time of year to lay my new lawn?

Turf can be laid all year round.

How soon can I walk on my new lawn?

Depending on how quick the grass roots this will depend on a number of different conditions: Weather, soil preparation and areas the lawn is in. As soon as you are unable to pull a corner of the new turf up you can walk on it.

From Delivery how long do I have to lay it?

Depending on the weather and time of year.

We advise that in the summer months from May to Sept you 12 hours from delivery to lay your turf (this is subject to weather conditions) In colder months you have 20 hours to lay your turf.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

We deliver on Saturdays from April – October, some exceptions for large order during winter months.

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Email: sales@crowleyturf.co.uk


Turf Preparation and Aftercare Guide

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